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1-column desks
One lifting column desk is the solution for small spaces. Most 1-column models can be outfitted with casters and a battery pack making them a flexible and mobile adjustable desks. Single pedestal frames can be used for both robust or light duty applications.

2-column desks
Our two-column height adjustable desks are extremely popular, as they meet the weight capacity and size requirements of most consumers. ConSet has an unbeatable selection and a variety of sizes, specifications, and price range.

3-column desks
Need extra desk space? The 3-leg frame is an excellent option that offers a spacious workspace, able to accommodate multiple monitors, printers and other essential items while keeping everything within reach.

Wall mounted
Choosing a wall mounted height adjustable desk helps save floor space. This model attaches to your wall taking up less space, turning a small area into a workstation. Easy to clean around.

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