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Complete desks
Electric height adjustable desks. We have a vast selection of specialty and standard height adjustable desks at affordable prices and quick shipping from our warehouses. CO2e emission is available for all ConSet products.

Electric desk frames
Have your own top? ConSet also offers the option of purchasing only a height adjustable desk frame. We have a wide selection of frames, with drawings and measurements available for all desk frames. ConSet has produced quality, long lasting height adjustable desk frames since 2000.

ConSet prioritizes minimizing low CO2 emission that is why our tabletops are primarily made from particleboard. Particleboard is usually made from waste materials or reused from other wood products. The tops have a melamine coating, which can also be reused.

Desk accessories
Accessories can enhance the use of our height adjustable desks. Add accessories to your sit stand desk to fit your needs. ConSet offers accessories such as programmable handsets, battery packs, cable trays, pen trays, CPU-holders, tabletop tilt devices and casters.

Spare parts
There is always a fix. ConSet keeps spare parts stocked, for new and old products alike. Lifespan and CO2 emissions are tightly connected, repairing a desk with a spare part can be beneficial for both the environment and the wallet.

Height adjustable desks designed for your home, which combine ergonomics and the Scandinavian design. Check out the ConSet HOME models with built in storage and or wall mounting in sleek modern designs. Assorted designs, colors and specifications are available.

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