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1-column frames
One column height adjustable desk frame. A single pedestal sit-stand desk can achieve full mobility by adding accessories, such as a battery pack and casters. ConSet has tops available to fit the single column desk frame or you can use your own top if it is within the size guidelines.

2-column frames
The 2-column sit-stand desk is the most common frame. We have several high-quality models in different colors and lifting capabilities. The CO2 emission is calculated and available for all frames.

3-column frames
The 3-column height adjustable desk is generally used as a larger corner desk, typically combined with 2 tops put together. ConSet has a great selection in color, design and lifting capability. An added bonus of the 3-leg desk is the unbeatable stability.

Wall-mounted frames
The wall mounted desk is a practical and space-saving solution. Columns and feet will never be in the way, making cleaning easier. Frames with up to 3 synchronized columns are available.

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