Climate and Sustainability

There is no excuse for postponing climate action. At ConSet, we have created a sustainability business model to minimize the impact that our products and employees have on the environment. We are committed to implementing targeted strategies to achieve goals that reduce our carbon footprint to ensure meaningful contributions to sustainability and a green transition. Our first steps are underway in documenting and measuring our current environmental performance. From our findings we will develop bolder initiatives that will mitigate and reduce waste and emissions every year.


To show our progress and commitment to climate action, each product on our website will be continually updated with a number representing its CO2 emission from raw materials to the destination warehouse. The product's CO2 emission is basically an expression of the total amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases emitted. The calculation includes raw materials, painting, packaging, use of energy in connection with production and transportation to our warehouses.


This means that you know the climate effect of each individual desk to make the most sustainable choice, while achieving your own environmental goals. The calculations of the products' CO2 emissions are based on Danish recognized sources, including the Climate Compass and the Sustainable Bottom Line Tool.


At the headquarters in Denmark, we have made significant energy improvements:


  • Replacement of natural gas with district heating
  • Replacement of fluorescent tubes and light bulbs with LED
  • Replacement of truck curtains with insulated electric gates
  • Monitoring electricity consumption and making improvements to reduce energy usage overall.

These measures contribute to reducing our CO2 emissions by up to 100 tons of CO2e annually. Which corresponds to the annual CO2 emissions of 7,5 people living in the USA.


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