Several years ago sit/stand tables were considered a luxury or an employee harassment. Today, these products are more readily accepted, where the interest of the employee and company meet. Here are some arguments for choosing a sit/stand table:

Argument 1

The possibility to change from a sitting to a standing position or make slight height adjustments can have preventive effects that decrease work-related injuries and thus worker absences. 


Argument 2

Gardening, sports or other personal hobbies frequently result in physical strain. Employees are unable to attend work due to considerably minor injuries, but the ergonomic benefits of sit/stand table enable them to get back to work sooner. The result is that short-term absence is limited.

Argument 3

Worker efficiency is increased when the worker is supplied with an ergonomic workspace.

Argument 4

The price for the sit/stand table is crucial to recieving the optimum benefits. With a ConSet table this time is considerably short.


A sit/stand frame that costs $415.00, and has a durability of 15 years, comes to $27.66 per year which corresponds approximately to the cost of 1 working hour. The average absence must only be reduced by 1.5% to pay off the expense of the desk. In comparison problems in the back, neck and arms represent approximately 33% of the total absence. It is almost too good to be true.




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