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Sample Silver, alu (RAL9006) / Item no.: SSS $ 0

Color sample of small steel plate in same color as the frame.

The color is RAL 9006. The RAL system was originally developed for the auto industry.

Powder coating is the most often used coating and is best suited for office furniture. A small amount of wax is added to our powder coating which makes it easy to clean off dirty finger prints.

For a free sample send us an email with your address. We offer this opportunity since computer screens and printed brochures provide an inadequate representation of a surface.

The color of the frame is indicated by:


501-11 3S156

S = Silver

B = Black


$ 0      

691 -- SSS -- ConSet_SSS_L.jpg - U
691 -- SSS -- ConSet_SSS_S1.jpg - U
691 -- SSS -- ConSet_SSS_S2.jpg - U
691 -- SSS -- Blank.jpg - DB

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